TV Club: Grace And Frankie: “The Dinner”

Of these first few episodes of Grace And Frankie, “The Dinner” seems to be the most confused about where it belongs on the comedy spectrum. The pilot had some of that tonal awkwardness, but that was nothing compared to the identity crisis of “The Dinner,” during which it’s easy to feel like you’re watching two different shows entirely. In the titular plot, Robert and Sol invite their children over for a dinner party for what again exists in the same comedic space as a show like Transparent, using more serious drama to unearth natural humor in unexpected places. Only Grace And Frankie‘s dinner scene feels much more stilted than a Pfefferman gathering, and not because the characters are all pushed into uncomfortable emotional zones. The characters’ awkwardness is expected given the innate tension of the situation. It’s the writers’ awkward, clunky attempts to parse out all …

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