TV Club: Grace And Frankie defy their labels

Grace and Frankie may have gotten back together after their explosive split in “The Pot,” but the season isn’t done exploring friendship breakups. “The Labels” hints at the early stages of a more drawn-out, messier breakup, the kind where both people still love each other. The gun earlier this season severed their relationship with sudden, powerful force. Jacob’s Santa Fe invitation, on the other hand, acts as a slower-moving, sticky poison.

“The Labels” mixes up the pairings, getting Grace and Sol in the same room and Robert and Frankie in the other. That unexpected and uncommon set-up unfolds organically, brought on by the massive surge of orders Vybrant has been getting. With the guys pitching in to help label the pre-order packages, Sol ends up being the more meticulous labeler of the two. He stays with Grace in the living room, while Robert is banished to the porch …

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