TV Club: Grace And Frankie are the Ben and Jerry of vaginal stimulation

“The Alert” digs into some of the intricate challenges that arise with ageing. Beyond just the obvious obstacles like health issues and lowered mobility, ageing affects people on a much deeper level, and Grace And Frankie explores the depths of ageism and internal battles that people encounter as they get older. In the wake of a glowing article about their vibrator, Bud drops by the beach house to bestow Grace and Frankie with a gift from all their children: panic alert buttons. Both women are rightfully offended. Frankie admits she has an outfit it would go well with, but she rejects the notion that it’s something she truly needs; Grace, meanwhile, smashes hers with the heel of her shoe. But even though Grace and Frankie reject the panic devices, they embrace ageing at the end of the episode with the decision to stay true to their mission and vision …

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