TV Club: Gotham’s fall finale suffers from a lack of tension

When Gotham returned with its second season, coming off a debut season defined by fits and starts, it came back with a real sense of purpose. The inclusion of Theo Galavan, a true menace looking to completely destabilize Gotham, looked promising because he was so far removed from the small time, case-of-the-week villains that populated the first season. Galavan represented the perfect foil for Gordon as well. If Gotham was looking to delve into more morally conflicted areas with its hero, Galavan could certainly help. He’s the politician who talks about saving Gotham but ultimately wants to see the city burn. He’s a villain that could push Gordon to the edge, to get him to question his stance on the idea that there’s a clear divide between those that uphold the law and those that break it.

Gotham‘s fall finale, “Rise Of The Villains: Worse Than …

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