TV Club: Gotham’s election is somehow more respectful than its real-world counterpart

Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs.

  • Between this episode being titled “New Day Rising” and its pro wrestling-related storyline, Gotham is now playing to my dorky little wrasslin’ loving heart.
  • Gotham really drives home the Trump comparisons with Cobblepot this week. Not only does his skin have a slight orange tint to it, the local news reporters mention that he’s somehow winning despite running a campaign based on “name-calling and fear-mongering.”
  • That said, I’d vote for Cobblepot over Trump any day.
  • So the subplot about Nygma showing Cobblepot that he’s truly loved in the city is genuinely touching. Somehow Gotham …

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