TV Club: Gotham: “What The Little Bird Told Him”

Maybe I’m projecting Gotham‘s season one extension onto this episode–or maybe I’m putting too much stock into the number “12” that designates this episode–but “What The Little Bird Told Him” sure feels like a penultimate episode of television. It engages with almost all of the storylines that have been a part of this season so far (notably absent is Gotham‘s most rewarding storyline to date, the continuing growth of Bruce Wayne and his badass butler Alfred) while moving its central pieces, specifically the mob bosses, into place for a finale. In any other season, this episode would set the stage for the thirteenth and final episode of the season. Gotham, originally scheduled for 16 episodes, still has 10 more to go though, and it’s unclear how the show is going to be able to sustain the (very) slight momentum this episode built.

The …

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