TV Club: Gotham: “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

To Gotham‘s credit, ”Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” actually gives the audience a solid payoff, something that was sorely lacking in the conclusion of the Electrocutioner storyline, which boasted a climax as jarring as a glass of cold water to the face–or your mechanized, chest-strapped device. At the very least, this week’s episode takes its case of the week and builds to a climax that’s serviceable to the storyline and to the characters within it. That’s as nice as I can get though as, once again, Gotham shows a complete lack of vision while failing to make its procedural elements compelling.

This week’s case involves the murder of Pinky Littlefield, a member of the Uptown Assassins, who are either a generically named rings of killers or a funky fresh band fronted by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. Pinky was left hanging with drugs placed in …

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