TV Club: Gotham: “Under The Knife”

Before Gotham went on hiatus, which was surely a result of its promotion to a 22-episode season, the show had built up some solid momentum by ditching its case-of-the-week structure and largely getting down to the details of what makes Gotham such a bad place to live and work. For the first time all season, it felt like the show understood that if you have a diverse (in terms of personality) cast of characters, all of whom are the product of this city, than it would be meaningful to dig into what it is about the city that produces such characters. By exploring how corruption has seeped into the GCPD through Commissioner Loeb, Gotham not only managed to use a smaller storyline to say something about the city in general, but also gave Jim Gordon a reason to continue his rise through the ranks. Up until that point, Gordon had …

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