TV Club: Gotham: “The Anvil Or The Hammer”

The manhunt for the Ogre, spread across three episodes, is the best thing Gotham has done for a number of reasons (stay with me). For starters, the Ogre is the only villain who’s felt fully realized. The lineup of Gotham baddies is a collection of cartoon characters that are at odds with the more realistic, pseudo-gritty tone the show takes with its crime investigations. The Ogre stands out not only because Milo Ventimiglia has been good at playing a creep since Gilmore Girls, but because there’s some motivation and history behind his character. He’s a rich man who can’t find love, and while the show doesn’t give us quite enough backstory to understand why he’s murderous, his decade-long spree of killings infuses Gotham with a sense of history, something that’s been sorely lacking since the premiere.

Furthermore, the reveal that Loeb strapped Gordon …

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