TV Club: Gotham: “Beasts Of Prey”

Even on its best days Gotham plays like a collection of footnotes and sidebars to the real Batman show most of us wish we were watching, and there’s no clearer example of this than the continuing saga of Fish Mooney on Dollmaker Island. Here’s a character with no canonical connection to the Bat-story who now has no connection whatsoever to anything else happening on the show; she’s literally off on an island of her own. At least when Fish was in Gotham she had a role to play in the city’s underworld power struggle, and by extension Oswald Cobblepot’s transformation into the Penguin. Now she’s an oddball tangent on a show that already suffers from excessive sprawl.

Maybe the Dollmaker storyline has some importance to Fish’s development that has yet to be revealed, but given Jada Pinkett Smith’s comments indicating this is …

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