TV Club: Gossip, failure, and self-improvement make for a fitfully engaging Modern Family

If you were to go back into the archives of Modern Family reviews and strictly focus on the two seasons I’ve written about, I’m confident you’d find a lot of musing on Phil Dunphy. Hell, it was only a few weeks ago that I basically structured a whole review around the premise that Phil is the only character left on the show who feels real and is allowed moments of meaningful conflict and growth. Sure, there have been some necessary swipes at Manny and the occasional asking of “is Joe actually real or a figment of Jay’s imagination?” but more often than not, it’s Phil’s storylines that prove to be ripe for analysis. That, or I overly identify with an outgoing white man who’s also desperately insecure. Take your pick.

The inventively titled “Basketball” once again proves that despite the best efforts of …

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