TV Club: “Good Man” finds Girls threatening a full-blown comeback season

“Good Man” is one of the most purely, consistently funny episodes of Girls in a long time, perhaps the whole run of the series. The episode is funny in all the narrow, specific ways Girls does funny, but the nods to earlier seasons feel more like homage than retread. One example is the awkward confrontation, if you can call it that, between Hannah and the kindly old principal of the school at which she continues to teach 8th grade. Hannah has a knack for testing the boundaries of older authority figures, like her doomed job interview with Mike Birbiglia in season one, or her fumbling attempt to extort her handsy boss later that season. Hannah’s behavior scrambles the brains of most people she comes in contact with, because it combines an enraging sense of entitlement with an abject obliviousness and naivete about how the world works that you can …

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