TV Club: Good intentions leave Designated Survivor in limbo

There’s a triangle used by developers, project managers, artists, and others. Its purpose is to remind a creator (or client) that you can pick two of the following: fast, good, or cheap. Fast and good? It’ll cost money. Fast and cheap? It won’t be good. Good and cheap? You get the idea.

Watching “The Confession,” a similar triangle came to mind. A show can thrive as long as it checks two boxes: character, plot, or premise. That’s an oversimplification, of course. Any number of things can make an episode of television engaging. But when it comes to Designated Survivor, it seems to hold. The first two episodes had little, if anything, in the way of character development, but they had a compelling premise and a relatively snappy little plot. Sure, it was flimsy at times, even predictable, with utilitarian dialogue and some cringeworthy Very Special Moments …

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