TV Club: GLOW shines bright (and far) with its season finale

It’s pretty impressive to look at where GLOW began and see it how it all turned into what we have in the season finale. Sam’s coked up vision for G.L.O.W. was obviously something special and shiny, but while we definitely get special and shiny here, it’s clearly not the same. Though, what we get here is something better, even if it’s still quite rough around the edges. The beauty of the inspiration that was the real G.L.O.W. is that GLOW will probably never lose that rough around the edges look and feel; in fact, it’s one of the series’ most endearing qualities.

I’ve watched “Money’s In The Chase” three times already, and each time, I’m right there with the women in terms of nerves for their first show. From the moment the episode begins—even with …

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