TV Club: Glee: “We Built This Glee Club”

To complain about another battle in the endless war between Sue and Will is to make yourself redundant. Your complaint has been acknowledged, absorbed, and thoroughly rejected on the grounds that Sue is a cartoon, Sues will be Sues, and a farewell tour without one last Sylvester scheme would be missing some ineffable quality vital to the genetic makeup of Glee.

Very well, then; I’m redundant. Hasn’t season six had, like, eight one last Sue schemes? Sue gets a two-parter dedicated to some of her most outrageous plots and a special episode dedicated to unpacking her zaniness. Is another Sue assault really what “We Built This Glee Club” needs? At the very least the other two stories could use some fleshing out, especially Rachel doing the responsible PSA thing and deciding to go back to NYADA. Instead, we get Will masquerading as Sue’s barber in order to …

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