TV Club: Glee: “The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester”

“The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester” is an “expect the worst” kind of title, so it’s a pleasant surprise that it flies by with a go-for-broke late-season sense of adventure. The main plot has to do with Sue finally getting canned, not for being a violent tyrant but for having once posed for Penthouse. (And for having a hurt locker, but as superintendent Ted Beneke notes, the Penthouse pic is the nail in the coffin.) So, is this Sue’s last hurrah like it seems? No, but it does give over an entire act (and part of the next) to a Geraldo interview with Sue. The main function is jokes, but it’s also there to put any doubts about the show’s treatment of Sue to rest. As Geraldo makes abundantly clear, she’s a pathological liar who had no part in the extrication of Panamanian dictator …

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