TV Club: Glee: “Loser Like Me” / “Homecoming”

The question going into the final season of Glee, after the main cast graduated and split up, after the new cast came up and were roundly dismissed, after a mini-reboot relocated most of the main characters to New York and then sent them all on their merry way, is what is Glee? Is it Will Schuester’s comeback story? Is it the McKinley High New Directions? Is it mixed-message empowerment?

The answer “Loser Like Me” gives, at first, is Rachel Berry. For six seasons, this has been centrally the story of Rachel Berry pursuing her dreams, growing into adulthood, getting knocked down, getting up again, they’re never gonna keep her down. No other story has more prominence, and almost nothing comes close. The season opens with Rachel alone. Her pilot sucked bad enough that it got the network president fired. As she gets driven off the lot in a …

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