TV Club: Glee: “Jagged Little Tapestry”

It’s not that “Jagged Little Tapestry” is bad. It’s just formless, a bunch of blobs of different shapes and speeds and tones crammed together like a mash-up of raw Alanis Morissette and smooth Carole King, which by the way is the theme of the soundtrack this week. Santana and Brittany continue their years-long reconciliation with the latest bedroom scene and a proposal. Becky comes to Tina and Quinn to help her convince her new boyfriend that she really was in glee club. Puck is still here for some reason, but Artie and Mercedes are gone. Postmodern Gay is angling to be quarterback, which involves getting Coach Beiste fired so his ally, Sam, can be in charge. In an early scene Beiste tells Sam he’s got the gift. It’s been, like, three months. Everybody calm down. The other new kids don’t get much to do but …

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