TV Club: Glee: “2009” / “Dreams Come True”

When Friday Night Lights ended, it did something remarkable. In the make-or-break throw of its version of Nationals, the episode cut to another throw, in the future, during an everyday practice. We don’t find out whether the East Directions won or lost. It was the perseverance that mattered. (Okay, sticklers, we do find out a little later, but the point stands. That cut exemplifies the spirit of Friday Night Lights.) Glee goes so far in the opposite direction it plays like bad fanfic. Everyone gets their happy endings. Rachel wins a Tony and thanks her husband, the director, Jesse St. James, who has himself already won a Tony at this point. She’s also pregnant with Kurt and Blaine’s little squirt. Tina and Artie are together now, and their movie just got into Slamdance. Becky, get this, apologizes to Sue, as if she were the one in the …

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