TV Club: Girls: “Triggering”

“Triggering” is the episode of Girls I’ve been anticipating since “Two Plane Rides.” Since the last shot of the finale and the subsequent reports of the show’s location shoots in Iowa, I’ve been anxiously awaiting Hannah’s introduction to the writers’ workshop because scenes of grad-school peer feedback seem especially tailored to Lena Dunham’s talents. Dunham excels at amplifying the inherent awkwardness of social interactions—like Hannah’s disastrous job interview with Mike Birbiglia—and few scenarios boast as many brutal silences and microaggressions as having your writing critiqued by your peers. It’s also an environment in which even the most shopworn clichés resemble the genuine article. I still think fondly of Todd Solondz’s Storytelling, despite its deep flaws, because it featured Aleksa Palladino as that girl in the workshop who gleefully tears her fellow students new assholes, then pretends to mitigate the assault …

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