TV Club: Girls leans on its most irritating elements in one of its weakest episodes to date

“Full Disclosure” is one of the oddest, lumpiest half-hours Girls has ever turned out, an episode equally comprising the show’s most and least appealing elements. It’s an episode that could only exist within the final season, when it’s acceptable for a show this character-driven to suddenly make big plot moves to get the characters where they need to go. “Disclosure” will probably look like a necessary evil once the show’s endgame is complete, but man, is it ever frustrating in the moment.

The title presumably refers to Hannah’s process of slowly informing her friends and loved ones about her pregnancy, as well as opening up to the idea of Paul-Louis at least knowing about the baby if nothing else. There’s yet another lovely and surprising moment when Marnie, of all people, backs Hannah’s decision to carry the baby to term. Somehow, when Marnie …

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