TV Club: Girls: “Iowa”

Girls‘ fourth season is a pivotal one, and judging from “Iowa,” Lena Dunham is well-aware of that. Sending Hannah to Iowa is no small matter. She’s the show’s center of gravity, and whatever happens to Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna is only important to the extent it impacts their relationships with Hannah. Even when Marnie started sleeping with Ol’ Man Ray, something that should have theoretically had more ramifications for Marnie’s relationship with Shosh, Hannah’s reaction carried far more weight. Removing Hannah from Manhattan fundamentally alters the show.

Hannah’s relocation isn’t a mistake though. It’s exactly what she should be doing now, and it’s easily the most mature decision she has made. Hannah’s relationship with Adam was already nearing a crossroads as his anxiety over the play made him increasingly alienating, and while she initially tried to take up the slack as …

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