TV Club: Girls: “Home Birth”

Girls has a peculiar rhythm that invariably makes its season finales feel like potential series finales. It’s common for television writers to craft season finales that could serve as a final goodbye if necessary. But it’s uncommon for a show like Girls, which has never been put in the precarious position in which its writers have build a story without any indication as to whether that story is going to end or continue. It’s now customary for HBO to announce another season of Girls before the upcoming season has even premiered, so a Girls finale can end on whatever note Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner, and Judd Apatow want it to. And yet “Home Birth” continues the Girls tradition of a season finale that splits the difference between conclusions and new beginnings in a way that feels like a natural resting place.

To the credit of Dunham, Konner …

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