TV Club: Girls: “Daddy Issues”

On a plot level, Girls can be incredibly difficult to evaluate because there’s a massive gap between what the audience wants to see happen and what actually happens. Not only that, there’s a massive gap between what the audience thinks they want to see happen, and what would actually be satisfying to them. Would Girls be more enjoyable to watch if Hannah got her act together?

In “Daddy Issues,” Hannah completes her campaign to botch her new substitute teaching gig by having a knock-down, drag-out fight with her underage bestie Cleo, calling her a bitch in the middle of the school hall. Principal Toby invites Hannah to his office, where they discuss her inappropriate behavior, and Hannah thinks the issue is that the conversation encroached on the school day, not that it happened at all. It’s irritating to watch, but how satisfying would the alternative be? If …

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