TV Club: Girls: “Ask Me My Name”

Lena Dunham frequently referred to Sex And The City when Girls first started, saying the characters in her show represent the generation of young women who idolized Carrie Bradshaw and used Sex as the template for their fantasies about making it in the Big Apple. As Girls established its own voice, those references vanished—the Sex poster in Shoshanna’s apartment hasn’t been seen in ages—but similarities between the shows remain even as their differences become more glaring.

The city was a significant character in Sex, and its influence is just as prominent in Girls. In fact, at this point, the city might be Girls‘ most likeable character. New York City’s superlative population density makes living there a pain in the ass, but the intoxicating, infuriating bustle gives the city its frisson of excitement and possibility. Anything can happen, anywhere at any time, but New York City …

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