TV Club: Girlfriends’ Guide’s prom shows that sometimes mean girls have a purpose

I believe I read somewhere that on the stress scale, divorce ranks higher than the death of a spouse. Because the death of a spouse is likely not anything you have any control over, whereas in divorce, both parties can walk out feeling like they failed, like they could have done something to prevent this traumatic outcome. This effect undoubtedly magnifies when kids are involved. Things will hopefully get better after the divorce (otherwise, why divorce?), but it will take awhile to get there.

Which is why our Girlfriends’ Guide heroine Abby is having such a tough time this week, now that the divorce papers are finally signed. As she explains late in the episode, she has to keep moving frantically because she’s afraid if she stops, she’ll never get up again. Which kind of (not completely) helps explain her heinous attitude toward everyone this episode. C’mon …

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