TV Club: Girlfriends’ Guide’s excellent no good, very bad day

So lemme tell you about my day: Kids were running late, so I drove them to school instead of taking the really easy walk. Once there, I had to find my son’s snow pants and boots from the lost and found for a field trip. I wasn’t a half-block away from the school when the school office called again because my son had misplaced the permission slip for said field trip. At that point, I decided just to give it up and drive to work downtown: a huge mistake, because usually something horrible happens, like a random ticket or three. Sure enough, I offer to give my a boss a ride home in the sleet to discover that the car had been frickin’ towed. BY MISTAKE. (Then immediately dragged boss out for a cocktail and fried food.) But if the tow pound had been close by, I probably …

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