TV Club: Girlfriends’ Guide perfectly depicts the dissolution of a marriage

In the early years of our marriage, I told my husband that if I ever had to hide anything important from him—safety deposit box key, Cayman Island bank account numbers—I would put it in the box of extra garbage can liners. He was seemingly incapable of putting a new liner in the kitchen garbage after emptying it (see also: toilet paper roll replacement). In the spirit of gamesmanship, I asked him, “Where would you hide something from me?” Without pausing, he answered: “Public television.

It’s fights like that—like the time he got on me for how much I spent at the grocery store, and I raged, “It’s groceries! What do you think I’m spending extra money on there: yacht cleaner?”—that can make or break a marriage. In the end, it’s not money troubles or infidelity or disagreements about the kids that send …

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