TV Club: Girlfriends’ Guide knows how to blow up a wedding properly

Now that’s how you blow up a wedding. Lots of TV series have had the disaster wedding, or the runaway prospective spouse, or the bride who may not show up in time, etc. Basically all of Girlfriends’ Guide season two has been leading up to the inevitable failure that is Delia’s wedding, but who among us could have predicted so much carnage? At the end of the episode, everyone is so battered and stained, they look like the last six survivors of The Poseidon Adventure. But fortunately with expensive alcohol.

You’ll notice that Marti Noxon wrote and directed this episode, and GG always does well when its show creator is behind the wheel. From Buffy to UnREAL, she knows how to write insightful female relationships, and everything comes to the forefront here. There’s so much activity, it’s hard to believe that it all happens in …

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