TV Club: Gilmore Girls packages “Winter” in a magical, unrealistic snow globe

The Gilmore Girls TCA panel this summer began with the same few minutes that kick off this episode of “Winter.” Then as now, I had the same thought: It’s trying a little too hard. Of course we would begin with what everyone knows is Lorelai’s favorite season, and we want the sleigh bells, and the coffee, and the “la la la”s, and scarves. We want that rapid-fire banter and non-sequiturs, but this opening conversation feels a bit forced. To help us jump right back in, Lorelai and Rory toss in meta commentary like “How long’s it been?” “Feels like years.” If you were going to imagine how Gilmore Girls would return, it would be exactly like this. Somehow, that’s mildly disappointing.

That seems to be the only drawback to this reboot so far: It’s everything we expected, a by-the-numbers return. I’ll be taking …

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