TV Club: Giant mess Andy Dick cameos as himself in Love’s sixth episode

Before I get started on how I feel about this episode, it’s important to point out former AV Club contributor Caroline Framke’s piece on Vox about why casting Andy Dick as himself is problematic for Judd Apatow. He was such an anti-Cosby crusader but has no problem helming a show where Dick references getting “gropey” the more he drinks, considering he’s gotten “gropey” in several situations that have landed him in court and the subject of civil suits. I read that piece after I saw and thought about “Andy,” but she brings up salient points that even have parallels to the episode: Dicks blames all of his problems on booze and drugs, but that’s not an excuse for multiple cases of sexual assault. One of the harder parts of writing this review is reconciling the real and the fictional. Yet, we soldier on.

But Dick’s …

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