TV Club: Getting inside Frank’s head makes for a funny, tragic It’s Always Sunny

If the Gang is the worst (they are), Frank is the worst of the worst, on a couple of fronts. Since Frank Reynolds cannonballed back into the lives of his sort-of children, he’s functioned as the Gang’s enabler, his seemingly bottomless wealth providing opportunities for awfulness Dee, Dennis, Mac, and Charlie could never have afforded on their own. He’s also functioned as the foil, his age and retrograde sensibilities peppering the Gang’s misadventures with a more bald-faced version of the sins the younger four attempt to hide beneath at least a veneer of civility (when they bother). Finally, though, Frank is the Gang’s geek. As filthy and degraded as Charlie is as the lowest in the Gang’s pecking order, he’s also something like their holy fool, his scabrous actions the result of the horrible neglect and abuse of his childhood (and now adulthood …

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