TV Club: Gary’s soiree turns shindig when Veep celebrates his fortieth

When Selina agreed in “Justice” to attend Gary’s fortieth birthday party back home in Alabama, the idea was a tantalizing one: a full episode centered on Gary and his background, with Selina stranded among Walshes and unable to escape. Whether the writers would follow through on that idea and actually show the party remained to be seen, however. Thankfully, the writers didn’t make viewers wait long, and four episodes later, “Judge” delivers on the promise of an interesting and appropriately complicated background for Gary. Unfortunately, the episode also falls prey to one of the season’s biggest weaknesses. It’s overstuffed, and because of that, fails to take full advantage of the tools at its disposal, delivering an entertaining, but ultimately somewhat disappointing episode.

Much of “Judge” centers on Selina and her team’s journey down to White City, Alabama, to Gary’s home. The casting of Jean …

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