TV Club: Game Of Thrones (newbies): “The House Of Black And White”

This Game Of Thrones post is written from the point of view of someone who has not read the books the series is based on. As such, spoilers are strictly forbidden. Any spoilers in comments will be deleted on sight. If you see spoilers, please mark them as best you can and email eadams at avclub dot com or contact Erik on Twitter, and hell take care of them as soon as possible. Remember: Discussions of things that were different in the books or confirmations of things that won’t happen count as spoilers, too. Have you read the books and want to discuss whats coming? Thats what our experts reviews are for.

Prophecies and predictions are the rare storytelling tool sharpened by lack of specificity. Ambiguous details about true intentions and dark secrets can only fail to live up to an audience’s wildest imaginings, but …

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