TV Club: Galavant: “Two Balls”/“Comedy Gold”

We’re only four episodes in, but it seems that the weakest moments of every Galavant episode occur within the storylines of its guest stars. Last time, we got a seen-it-before training montage when our hero had to joust against John Stamos (inexplicably named Sir Jean Hamm), and this week, we get a whole village of tired Jewish stereotypes, followed by a band of pirates who—while funny overall—have a penchant for ‘90s lesbian jokes (more on both of these arcs in a bit). If The X-Files centered around a Monster of the Week, Galavant centers around a Stupid Guest Character of the Week.

That being said, the show has gained its footing when dealing with its main cast. As King Richard, Timothy Omundson continues to plumb new depths of lame entitlement in “Two Balls,” expressing genuine remorse to Valencia’s subjects that he’s destroyed their kingdom, then …

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