TV Club: Galavant: “Pilot”/“Joust Friends”

In Alan Menken and Glenn Slater’s catchy opening number for the pilot of Galavant, a thief imprisoned in a very Medieval pillory refers to the show as a “fairytale cliche.” It’s a knowing wink to the audience, a gesture that tells us ABC’s new musical series is well-versed in sword-and-sorcery tropes, and has no bones about skewering them. But unlike Shrek, The Princess Bride, series creator Dan Fogelman’s own Tangled, and especially Monty Python And The Holy Grail (which has been frequently referenced in the show’s marketing), there’s little subversion to be found after the first episode. Instead, Galavant devolves into the kind of broad, topical humor you’d find in any generic sitcom, taking little advantage of the show’s unique concept.

Airing in the Saturday-night fairytale slot usually occupied by Once Upon A Time (currently on winter break), Galavant centers on the …

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