TV Club: Galavant: “Completely Mad…Alena”/”Dungeons And Dragon Lady”

As enjoyable as the show can be, Galavant‘s weaknesses have been fairly consistent over its first four episodes: off-color puns, randomness for randomness’ sake, and, most crippling of all, wasted guest characters. These one-off roles rarely contribute to the meat of the story—which is fine for an unapologetically silly show such as this—but as a result, they should be treated with the same amount of care as the series’ two main arcs. The reason all the business at King Richard’s castle has felt so comically superior to the travels of our hero is simple—Galavant’s the one who’s had to contend with all the undercooked guest roles.

To be fair, the land-bound pirates of last week were pretty amusing until they got bogged down by a cringe-worthy Lilith Fair joke. But they still felt out of place in Galavant‘s Medieval setting. The monks …

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