TV Club: Galavant balances laughs with heartbreak and an epic battle in its season finale

At the end of season one, Dan Fogelman and his writers took a huge gamble on Galavant, steering the narrative off the edge of a cliff without knowing if there would even be a second season. It wasn’t a true wrap-up as much as it was the start of Galavant 2.0. Now that the show’s found its footing in a stellar second season, Fogelman and co. are able to give more closure to their characters, all while introducing enough surprises to keep the audience wanting more. The gold isn’t necessarily in the happy ending—we already knew that was going to take place thanks to Sid spoiling it in this year’s opening song—but the story opportunities it opens up for several members of the ensemble.

In other words, the finale closes the storybook on several characters while still threatening to flutter open once more …

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