TV Club: Gail returns and Melissa takes a road trip on a tense Last Man On Earth

“Hair of the Dog” acutely focuses on two parallel stories: The aftermath of Gail’s return to the group following her escape from the elevator, and Tandy and Todd’s road trip to Melissa’s home town of Akron, Ohio to potentially help her recover from her mental break. Though credited writer Edward Voccola indulges in some patented Last Man On Earth silliness and exaggeration, both stories mostly stay grounded in the reality of the situation, a nice tonal continuation from last week’s stellar downer episode. Gail was trapped in a metal box for ten days with a gunshot wound, left to wonder if she will die alone. Melissa has almost completely detached from reality and has been quarantined for her own safety. For better and occasionally worse, “Hair of the Dog” stares down those dark truths and often doesn’t look away.

Though the weaker of the two …

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