TV Club: Futurama: “The Luck Of The Fryrish” / “The Cyber House Rules”

“The Luck Of The Fryrish” (season 3, episode 5; originally aired 3/11/2001)

In which Fry remembers he’s a long way from home

When I was a kid, I tried to strangle my sister. One second she was saying something, and the next, I was choking her. It was awful. I’m not sure I feel much guilt about it now, but it was an awful, scary thing I did, and in the moment, I hated her more than I thought I could hate anybody. I doubt she thought too highly of me, either.

Jump ahead a couple of decades (and in the jump, pass by a lot more fights, and a lot more conversations, and that time we tried to choreograph a dance to “Time Of Your Life” don’t you dare judge), and we’re fine. She’s got an amazing family, we talk semi-regularly, I …

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