TV Club: Futurama: “Parasites Lost”/“Amazon Women In The Mood”

“Parasites Lost” (season 3, episode 1; originally aired 1/21/2001)

In which the saga of Fry and Leela truly begins…

This isn’t a huge step forward for Futurama; the show has been strong before “Parasites Lost.” Yet the episode signals a shift in the writers’ approach to character, and not just in the Fry and Leela relationship. Whether that shift was pre-meditated, or just part of a natural creative evolution, is unclear, but a change has been made. The show has had sincere emotional moments in the past, but the sincerity was always undercut with humor. We were encouraged to like the main characters and their world, but not to be moved by them. Yet the end of “Parasites Lost” is beautiful and sad, and there’s no last second snicker to break the mood.

This isn’t to say that undercutting sincerity with humor is a bad …

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