TV Club: Futurama, Into The Wild Green Yonder

And so we come to the end… again.

What is this, the third time? And to be completely honest, this barely counts. The finale of the first four seasons meant something, since there was no immediate guarantee the show would be back. The finale finale meant something because, well, that wasn’t a typo. But this? Sure, the show’s writers thought it could be the end, but it doesn’t feel like one. Into The Green Wild Yonder is simply the end of a cycle, the last in a series of a direct to video movies that, at their best, were okay. Never great, rarely good, often lousy, but just as often watchable in a sort of “Oh, this gum has lost it’s flavor but I’m kind of enjoying the chewing” kind of way.

As such, there’s no grand pronouncements to be made. There’s nothing …

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