TV Club: Futurama: “Insane In The Mainframe”/ “I Dated A Robot”

“Insane In The Mainframe” (season 3, episode 7; originally aired 4/8/2001)

In which Fry has a few screws loosened

I like it when characters suffer. This isn’t an opening statement designed to ease us into some intimate detail about my personal life, or a particularly insightful critical insight. When you get right down to it, characters suffering is a large part of what stories really are. But I get an especial kick out of narratives that force their protagonists through the proverbial wringer, for reasons too obscure to really parse out; I only mention this because it might be why I have such a soft spot for “Insane In The Mainframe.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m confident enough to say this is a good episode without fear of contradiction. It’s not a great episode though—at least, I suspect it isn’t. But I …

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