TV Club: Futurama: “Godfellas”/“Future Stock”

“Godfellas” (season 3, episode XX; originally aired 3/17/2002)

In which Bender gets lost

What makes “Godfellas” a good episode is that Bender gets the powers of a (limited, and not exactly supernatural, but still he’s really big and his worshippers really aren’t) god; what makes it a great episode is that Bender tries to do right by his people, and fails miserably. The idea of Bender ruling a small civilization suggests all sorts of hilarious and horrifying possibilities, but while that’s a strong concept in its own right, the direction the script takes the idea is what makes this one of the show’s strongest half hours. Bender has just enough decency to try to do the right thing. The problem is, the “right thing” isn’t easy to come by, even for an almost-god.

There’s a theological discussion at the heart of this …

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