TV Club: Futurama: “Bendless Love”/ “The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz”

“Bendless Love” (Season 3, episode 3; originally aired 2/11/2001)

In which Bender can’t bend a broken heart

Hey, Flexo’s back! Remember Flexo? Remember when I spent half a review talking about how he didn’t quite work as a character, and about how, while I appreciated the idea of him in theory, in practice it’s hard to make “the opposite of interesting” all that funny. And he wasn’t even that, not really. He was just Bender, but slightly less so, and where’s the fun in that? Anyway, he’s back, so we can all look forward to several paragraphs of me belaboring a point that wasn’t particularly insightful to begin with.

Ah, I’m just pulling your chain. Flexo barely figures into “Bendless Love,” and, apart from the fact that his physical resemblance and overall similarity to Bender adds to the plot …

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