TV Club: Futurama: “Bendin’ In The Wind”/“Time Keeps On Slippin’”

“Bendin’ In The Wind” (season 3, episode 11; originally aired 4/22/2001)

In which Bender gets two turn tables and a microphone

Bender is a free-flowing cyclone of consequence-free selfishness—mostly. He’s more impulsive than the rest of the show’s cast, and more prone to violent or theoretically off-putting decisions, but he’s not a complete monster. If he is, he’d be a lot less interesting. The writers have a few tricks to keep Bender contained. He’s physically vulnerable, as this episode shows; while his robot body can endure more damage than most other characters, he can still suffer and fear pain. Bender does, in his semi-arbitrary way, legitimately care about Fry and the others, not so much that the caring would necessary get in the way of his doing what he wants, but at least enough to make him pause a second. And Bender …

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