TV Club: Futurama, Bender’s Game

Uneven as Futurama‘s first two forays into feature-length episodes were, they at least gave the sense that the people working on them were legitimately trying to tell a good story. Bender’s Big Score had a legitimate (if overly familiar) emotional core, and The Beast With A Billion Backs had a plot which more or less made sense by the end. Bender’s Game has little to no interest in any of that nonsense. The closest we come to an emotional core is Professor Farnsworth learning that Inger, the dumbest (and nicest) of Mom’s idiot offspring, is his son. The story repeatedly draws attention to its own failings, and then shrugs off the sloppiness as though it was all part of the joke. And it drags. My god does it drag.

A palpable sense of exhaustion pervades the running time, and that exhaustion doesn’t just lead to …

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