TV Club: Futurama: “A Leela Of Her Own”/“A Pharaoh To Remember”

“A Leela Of Her Own” (season 3, episode 15; originally aired 4/7/2002)

In which Leela balks at failure

Blernsball, the futuristic sports game that serves as the central gimmick for this week’s first episode, was introduced way back in “Fear Of A Bot Planet.” Then, the joke was that the game was so overly complicated and obtuse that it was impossible for an outsider to understand. Fry thought he could figure it out, but he couldn’t; and for the limited amount of time we spent watching the game, there was no consistency on which to build assumptions about rules. Which, again, was the point. Blernsball was created for a single scene in an episode which never referenced it again. It was part of the show’s general world-building, but it also wasn’t really a concept that needed a revisit.

Yet here we are, and one …

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