TV Club: Friends From College takes on YA for some reason

How much does Friends From College know or care about YA literature? This may not seem like the most important question to ask about this show, but then, I didn’t really expect the show to devote so much time to Ethan’s vaguely self-loathing scramble to provide for his family by switching from prestigious but low-selling literary fiction to less fancy but potentially mega-selling young-adult fiction. That’s the focus of Friends From College‘s third episode, set off by Ethan’s agent/buddy Max getting him a meeting with a YA publishing scion, which leads to another meeting the very next morning, during which Ethan is expected to pitch her a killer idea for a new book. With his assignment set, Ethan winds up barging in on Max and Felix – who planned to spend a night belatedly catching up on Damages and years of faded watercooler conversations – and …

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