TV Club: Friends From College introduces even more friends from college, including Seth Rogen, in its wedding episode

Here’s a small way that sitcoms have changed over the last couple of decades: It used to be that a “wedding episode” of a comedy would tend to involve a regular character on the show getting married. I’m sure the move away from this didn’t literally begin with Seinfeld, but that show’s explorations of social minutiae certainly helped usher along the idea that even in sitcoms, weddings might be less of a monumental life-changing event, perhaps depicted in a two-parter or hourlong special, and might be more of an obligation – a glimpse at characters outside of whatever social or familial circle the show focuses on.

By now, the boom in wedding attendance that many people experience roughly between the ages of 25 and 30 is its own kind of sitcom episode, and I give credit to Friends From College for trying to capture an even less …

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